Sequined Multiculturalism In My DNA (Part 1)

Hey All!

This blog is going to be a bit involved, and all about raising the rest of the money to take my 1st musical, The Unwitting Wife, to the Tiberias International Theater Festival.  If you don’t want to read and you just want to donate, here’s the link:  Just make sure to type in ‘REBECCA’ in the last box.  BLESSINGS AND THANKS!!!

Here I am, it’s eight days until the day I have to book the tickets for the Spinning Plates Productions company to go to Israel to perform my first musical, The Unwitting Wife, at the Tiberias International Theater Festival…and we’re not quite there yet, financially speaking.  I have everything else–the musical, the cast, the moxie and the message.  Now it’s down to dollars and cents.  I’d like to take the time here to do a mass pitch, and if you’ve read these words…I’m going to bet on you being willing to hear me out on why you should support what I’m doing with your wallets.

As the President of Spinning Plates Productions, I see the responsibility of representing the Tulsa and Oklahoma arts communities much like a calling.  I know from the way people have always responded to me that I am an excellent ambassador of good will. More so I am passionate about sharing what an amazingly creative and supportive artistic community  we have, one that wants to be a part of the worldwide exchange of artistic discourse.  For those Tulsans not aware of our official Sister City status with Tiberias, you should check out the wonderful work of the Tulsa Global Alliance (TGA).

My first encounters with TGA were as an educator more than a dozen years ago, helping to facilitate teleconferences between the students of Carver Middle School and students in Tiberias.  In case you haven’t heard me shout it out already, my #1 fave thing about my life that I had nothing to do with is that my parents put me & my siblings on the first yellow school bus that drove to voluntarily integrated schools in Tulsa.  I’m one of 12 students in the first class to go K-12, Burroughs, Carver, Washington.  My point being, the benefits of multiculturalism, collaboration and partnership are in my DNA….along with sequins and stage doors.

NONE OF THIS would be happening at all without the Jewish Federation of Tulsa (JFT).  It’s an honor working with Israeli Shalicha/Liason Edna Lapidot and Deputy Exec. Director Karen Blum.  It’s an honor and a bit of Celebrity Proximity Disorder for me working with JFT Exec. Director, former Tulsa Police Chief and all around kickass guy Drew Diamond.  I like to think that Drew and I share a very low tolerance for social injustice and global scale B.S.  I’m thrilled to be able to be a ongoing part of the great work JFT does in Tulsa, including their wonderful partnership with the Food Bank of Northeastern Oklahoma in this AMAZING community garden project:  CHECK IT OUT!!!

If you’re wondering why I’m spending so much cyber ink on these organizations and their projects, not my Israel trip…this is not the point.  This point is that it’s ALL INTERCONNECTED!!  Watch the video on the community garden project and you’ll hear several amazing organizations & individuals listed as contributors, including that the whole thing was designed by an OU student.  We are not our city, our state….we are our world.  Our world is in need of repair.  Rabbinic wisdom states:  ”It’s not your job to finish the work, yet you are not free to disregard it either.”  Pirke Avot/Ethics of the Fathers 2:16.

Continued in the following blog post.